Touch Lab is New York City’s Premier Android-only Development Shop

We do ONE thing: make Android apps.

Keeping that focus means we can do things the right way.
We are a team of Android experts with deep ties to Google and the Android developer community.

We like hard problems.

Some Recent Work
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People matter

We decided from very early on that we didn’t want to be just another crappy consulting company and the way we’ve stayed true to that is always focusing on our communities. It’s exciting to be the best and to train and work with the best but we know we owe much of our success to the great communities we’re part of.

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    Our Team

    We always put our team first. We have remarkable people who work here because they want to be here; they want to work on new, cutting edge projects, they love constant change, they respect each other and they’re happiest when they’re improving constantly. Wanna meet them? We all sit in the same office together, stop by. We’re hiring, get in touch

  • meetup

    New York Android Developers Meetup

    Kevin’s been part of running this meetup for quite some time and the great people who are a part of it are very important to all of us at Touch Lab. When we got the chance to be the main organizers in 2013, we decided to bring someone amazing on the team to help run the meetup and we’re very proud of the results. We’ll continue to invest in this community, because we don’t know where we’d be without them. Join the Meetup

  • coworking


    We’re definitely Made in NYC and we were born at New Work City, one of the first coworking spaces in NYC. We can’t say enough about the great people we met there and incredible connections that came from it. When we grew and graduated out of NWC we needed a private office, but wanted that coworking environment so naturally we moved to AlleyNYC, a hotspot for NYC tech startups. Read more about coworking

How Can We Help You?

Android-only development

We’ve been doing Android almost as long as Google.

Real Android design

How do you make Android as profitable as iOS? Start with designing the right experience for the users.

Tablet Optimization

To have success on the Android platform, planning for the tablet environment is crucial.

Android Training

Committed to managing the app in house? Awesome, we’ll train your developer while we build your app.

Code Audit and Repair

So, you figured you’d save some money by outsourcing overseas? We might be able to help you recover from your ‘savings’.

iOS Ports

A successful port starts with understanding that Android users expect a truly native experience. We can help you avoid the dreaded iDroid™ disaster.

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Where We Are

500 7th Ave, 17th Fl
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How To Reach Us

Call: 917-836-3823
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Office Hours

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