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Help Define the Future of Kotlin Multiplatform

Open positions

Touchlab is looking for an Experienced Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) Developer. Developers with significant Kotlin Multiplatform experience who want to work with us to have a major impact on the development and maturity of the Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem.
Touchlab is looking for a Technical Project Manager. We are the global experts in Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) for Mobile tech. As KMP adoption continues to grow, we need to execute new and exciting projects for external clients and internal R&D.

Twelve years of Touchlab

Over the last decade plus our clients, big and small, have counted on Touchlab to help them solve hard problems and build great mobile products. Fortunately for them, our team (including our many alumni, our current team members, and hopefully you) has always been up for the challenge.

As we work with our clients to build exceptional products, we also work with our partners at Jetbrains & Google to drive forward technologies we believe in, like Kotlin Multiplatform. Those relationships help us to provide unique opportunities to work on open source projects that matter, to share knowledge with the community, and to always be learning and growing.

Our goal is to create Kotlin Multiplatform solutions that everyone can use. To do that, we need a team with a diverse set of skills, perspectives and experiences to truly succeed. We believe that when people feel respected and included at work, they can thrive, grow and meet their goals (whatever they may be).

We’re not yet where we want to be, but we always strive towards improvement. Unfortunately, the reality is that the tech industry as a whole struggles with representation and we’re working to change that.

Excellence in our work

We like being experts.

Our teammates are great at what they do. That doesn’t mean everyone shows up on day one with a crazy Stack Overflow score, but it does mean we’re hungry to learn, to be better, and to help each other be better at every stage in our careers.

You don’t have to show up an expert, just show up wanting to become one.

Excellence in our community

From the very beginning, Touchlab was built on the idea of educating others and building communities. Running the NY Kotlin and Android meetups (one of the largest dev meetups in the world) for many years has taught us a lot.

We act for good in the communities where we learn and work. We support underrepresented communities in Tech, with partnerships such as Women Who Code and Pursuit. We commit to an annual donation to causes we care about, with this past years being World Central Kitchen and Doctors Without Borders.

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Insights into our hiring practices

Collaborative Process

As in all our work, we believe hiring is a collaborative process. Hiring doesn’t come down to the decision of just one person, multiple members of our team will evaluate each candidate. This also helps counteract any biases.

Accessible to All

We're committed to making sure interviewing with us is accessible to all. We have processes in place to address any accessibility questions. If you have any needs or any questions, please reach out to interview.accommodations@touchlab.co.

Your Time is Valuable

Your time is as valuable as ours. We’ll keep the interview process as streamlined as possible and make sure you speak with multiple members of the team in a timely fashion; it helps you get to know us quicker, and vice versa. Count on us for regular status updates on where you are in the process.

Practical Topics

We focus on practical topics during the interview process. We want to hear how you’ve worked on a software team and your knowledge to solve common mobile problems.

Our Typical Interview Stages

Step 1: Technical Screening

First up is a technical screening where we ask you to complete an exercise

Step 2: Interviews

Next is the introductory phone interview followed by long-form interviews with rotating members of our team.

Step 3: Feedback and Notifications

Finally, we collect feedback internally and notify applicants whether or not an offer will be made.

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Of course, this can vary based on the position and level and we’ll communicate that at the start of the process.

People First

We’re working to build an inclusive place for all to work.

Balanced Life

We support a fully distributed work environment. We offer flexible hours so our team can balance their working life with their social, family, health and other responsibilities.

Food and fun

Eat and be merry while getting to know the people you’ll be defining the future with. Our remote team stays connected during Holiday parties, happy hours, team retreats and lunches. And in order to foster individual connections, we all participate in monthly 1-on1 donut catchups.

Learning and growth

Touchlab grows by growing our people, so we fund an annual learning stipend and conference sponsorships. We’ve got a couple GDEs in the mix, some blog authors, and quite a few conference and podcast speakers!

A clear path forward helps our team move their career forward, so we have a well defined growth ladder. You always know what your next steps are.


Taking care of yourself comes first. We provide a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, and the option to participate in a 401k. We offer wellness benefits like Mental health and Fitness perks, and have expanded our parental leave to ensure all team members have coverage.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We want you to feel like you belong here. Touchlab is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace for people of every gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, parental status, and any other identities. We put our commitment into action through education initiatives, training, our DEIB media club, partnerships in the community and empowerment of individuals.